Company at a glance

Tometa-Mira Concrete Sdn Bhd


formerly known as BQ Batching (Bintulu) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in June, 2009.

Tometa-Mira Concrete has officially commences operations in August, 2009. Our core business is in the manufacturing, supply and delivery of high performance ready-mixed concrete products.

We are leader in innovative concrete with an enviable reputation for technical excellent, innovation and ability to meet the needs of our customers.

We also offer the market with a full range of structural concrete products in addition to the conventional standard concrete in order to create value and serve our customers better.


Reflecting the company’s commitment to quality, our concrete batching plant and major distribution facilities are certified to MS ISO 9001; 2008. As part of our business objectives, we are also committed to integrating good environmental, health and safety practices at every level of our operations.

We have a team who is dedicated to deliver quality services and product management solutions to a steadily growing demand of all our industrial customers.

The achievement was possible as Tometa-Mira concrete places top priorities on high performance in this critical aspect of its business couple with extra commitment to complying with applicable environmental legislation.. We believe by doing so it will definitely enhanced long term economic, environmental and social sustainability in our manufacturing operations.


Sound operational, management and financial practices, Tometa-Mira Concrete is now one of the leading concrete manufacturer in the market. We operate 3 batching Plants and have 40 employees. We produce 70,000 m3 of concrete in year 2011.

Tometa-Mira Concrete has an overall staff strength of 60 personnel.

What we can do


We have a wet plant at Tanjung Kidurong which can product 160M3 per hour. We have total of 9 mixer trucks and workforce of 50 personnel.


The team comprising of engineers, business manager, and product technologist.

Quality Control

We have a testing laboratory fully equipped for testing of all physical properties of raw materials (cement, aggregates and admixtures) and concrete before and after delivery. We have also carried out quality monitoring programme such as statistical analysis to monitor the quality for compliance of the standard and specification.


Our batcher plant also equipped with a cube crushing machine for testing the compressive strength of concrete cube sample and testing of the raw material samples. Skilled staff is available to recommend mix designs to meet all types of customers needs.